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IPR course

Interproximal Reduction Course 

London | Londec | Saturday  28th |  September 2024

About the course

Safe and Predictable IPR

The course covers the following and is focused on hands-on:

Role of IPR

Anatomical and physiological considerations

Anterior and posterior IPR - strips, discs, reciprocating saw, bur

Planning IPR

Stability and evidence

Theory | Practice | Master

This 1-day intensive IPR course is designed to encompass all aspects of IPR including hands-on use of manual strips, discs, reciprocating saws and burs on phantom heads. We explain and demonstrate how to plan and stage IPR for both aligner and fixed appliances, with theory and an evidenced based approach. The course covers common challenges faced by both new and experienced clinicians and how it can be avoided. 

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LonDEC London,
150 Stamford St, London SE1 9NH, UK

What did you think of the course?

Paragh Vig Specialist

West Midland

Umar Choudhury General Dentist

West Yorkshire

Hands-on course where you can try different techniques

“It's really nice to do a hands-on course where you can try different techniques, I would definitely recommend this course to other people, you don't get the same hands-on during undergraduate or postgraduate training programmes. "

I know exactly what I'm doing on Monday. 

I don't think IPR is an exciting topic, but everyone who moves teeth has got to do it. We're never really taught how to do IPR. You just learn from your own mistakes but there's so much more that I've learnt today which will help me get better outcomes for my patient. Farooq really knows this stuff and it's it's all evidence-backed and research-based. He's a clinician who does it in practice so it's tried and tested. It's clear and concise and I know exactly what I'm doing on Monday. I would encourage anyone, who is doing IPR to go on this course, it taught me a lot and I'll change the way that I practise. Umar Choudhury Yorkshire General Dentist