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IPR course

Interproximal Reduction Course 

About the course

Safe and Predictable IPR

This 1-day intensive IPR course is designed to encompass all aspects of IPR including hands-on use of manual strips, discs, reciprocating saws and burs on phantom heads. We explain and demonstrate how to plan and stage IPR for both aligner and fixed appliances. We will also go through the theory and evidence behind IPR so clinicians are up to date with scientific information.

The course covers common challenges faced by both new and experienced clinicians and how it can be avoided. 

The course covers the following and is focused on hands-on:

Role of IPR

Anatomical and physiological considerations

Anterior and posterior IPR - strips, discs, reciprocating saw, bur

Planning IPR

Stability and evidence

Theory | Practice | Master

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150 Stamford St, London SE1 9NH, UK

Farooq Ahmed

Specialist and Consultant Orthodontist

Farooq Ahmed is a consultant orthodontist at Guy’s Hospital and specialist orthodontist in private practice at Treehouse Dental in North London. Farooq is the lead for Aligner Training at Guy’s Hospital and a committee member of the British Orthodontic Society’s Clinical Governance Group. He is an editorial board member of Seminars In Orthodontics Journal and is a reviewer for the Journal of Orthodontics and the Angle Orthodontist.

He hosts a podcast and blog - orthodontics in summary, in which he summarises key lectures, and interviews prominent orthodontists. His blog covers clinical topics as well as reviews of courses and products.

The IPR Story 

IPR is an important component of my treatment plans both in Hospital and Private Practice. Historically I only used handstrips but very soon after moved onto using motorised IPR. However, I realised they had the potential to create clinical issues so I developed my own protocol and started to use the full range of IPR techniques to deliver IPR in a way which was safe and predictable.

Teaching: I first taught IPR chairside in 2018. It was an area that many orthodontic trainees had difficulty with, so I thought a lecture on IPR would resolve this but trainees continued to struggle with it. Aside from the trainees, I would often receive messages from other orthodontists and dentists also struggling with it and reporting problems with excessive IPR or not so well planned IPR and I would offer advise.

Finally, in 2021 I developed a hands-on course for the trainees to teach both the theory and practical components of IPR. We did it over 3 hours and although the trainees left confident with the theory, they still lacked the clinical confidence especially with more complex IPR cases, both in the planning stage and execution. We concluded that the course needed to be longer.

Subsequently, I made it a full-day course with more time focused on hands-on practice with phantom heads. This gave time to allow for making mistakes and learning from them. There was also a dedicated session on planning IPR and it was a theme which ran throughout the day. Following the positive feedback and success of this course, I have launched this course to help others carry out safe and predictable IPR.


So that's it folks, if you are interested please let me and the team know and I look forward to seeing you.

Register: IPR course London 16th September 2023

Thank you for your registration to the IPR course !

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